Food Poisoning Claims

Food poisoning claims are extremely personal and sensitive in nature and are often better handled by smaller, more personal legal practices. Neil Mann Solicitors offer the personal attention necessary for such claims and customers can be assured of both complete confidence and the utmost sympathy.

Neil Mannís are experienced in handling food poisoning claims of all sizes, most notably the leading case of Short & Stratford Parsons v SAS Service Partner Restaurants, in which the largest award ever in the UK, of £183,500, was made when two clients contracted food poisoning after purchasing contaminated food.

As with their other areas of specialism, Neil Mann Solicitors offer an initial discussion of your case, completely free of charge, following which you can arrange a further meeting.  Your discussions will be with a solicitor who has the knowledge and experience to manage such claims and, as members of the Law Society, Neil Mannís are able to offer Ďno-win, no-feeí services to cover the costs of bringing an action.

To discuss your particular circumstances, in complete confidence, with a solicitor experienced to handle food poisoning claims, call 0161 773 1775 or 01539 729 772 or use the contact form within the website. 

Our Advice for Food Poisoning Claims:
Keep the packaging of the offending product; claims are easier to prove if there is a cluster of people who have been affected and make your complaint to both the supplier and the Health Department as soon as possible