Professional Negligence Claims

As a result of legal decisions made in the Courts, members of the public are able to sue professional people, such as surveyors, solicitors and doctors, for negligent professional services.

Neil Mann Solicitors have established a high degree of expertise in respect of such claims and are prepared to represent customers who have been aggrieved, either personally or financially, as a result.  In recent years, the company has handled professional negligence claims on behalf of clients against surveyors and members of the legal and medical professions.  (For further details of Medical Negligence, please see the specific section.)

Through this experience, the company has built up a specialist network of contacts whose professional experience is required to successfully prosecute such cases, including independent experts who can provide an unbiased view of their colleagues’ actions.

As a small specialist practice, Neil Mann Solicitors offer you the relevant expertise and experience, alongside personal service.  When you call, you will be able to speak directly to solicitors who can advise you on your claim.  You will then be offered an initial interview, free of charge, to discuss your case and the options available to you.  As members of the Law Society, Neil Mann can also offer ‘no-win, no-fee’ services to cover the costs of bringing an action.

For further details of how Neil Mann Solicitors could help you with your professional negligence claims, please call 0161 773 1775 or 01539 729 772.  You can also use the contact form within the website.

Tips for Professional Negligence Claims:
Always take advantage of complaints procedures as soon as you feel aggrieved.